high grade scan results

i imagine this one will be short. I have some pictures to show this time. so i had my 3 month scan last week and saw my oncologist in london again. the long and short is things are continuing to grow and the enhancement has grown so its now high grade, but that's just a label, the growth rate was always uncomfortably high.

Report: ''unfortunately there has been marked enlargement of the substantial right frontal/cingulate glioma with an increase in mass effect, and more prominenet contrast enhancement. Posteriorly the abnormality extends into the base of the parietal lobe on the right hand side as well as into the corpus collosum, and anteriorly/inferiorly reaches the right sided septal nuclei.''

you might remember i talked about the corpus collosum (the connecting bridge between the two halves of your brain) at the beginning of this blog, the fact that its taken 5 years to finally invade it despite the growth rate in other areas is surprising to me. but apparently now thats happened.
the septal nuclei is in the olfactory area so it reads the sense of smell.

anyway, plan of action remains the same. i chose to have radiotherapy in cardiff so i can live at home whilst having it done. maybe the fact that its now high grade will change the  plan to concurrent rad and chemo and chemo for 12 instead of 6 months apparently. i'm not currently in a positive mood so if i make it a year of chemo then thats good news to me.

current goal is to fight back into a positive mood because negativity gets you nowhere. usually writing it down means i get the negativity off my chest.


  1. Hey man! Just found out your blog.
    Hoping you're okay.

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