April Update

I felt bad leaving my blog on such a depressing note since my mood and outlook has been better for a good week now. Just like with diagnosis, it took a few days to accept the new prognosis, and then you get over it and move on with life. I’m fairly symptom free at the moment so its easy to forget you have any sort of life threatening disease which does wonders for my mood. I’ve had a few  headaches, but the anxiety I used to have is almost non-existent so it doesn’t worry me. I know the headaches are just the brain changing shape and not new growth. my nerves are knitting themselves back together on my scalp, and i get a feeling of running water down my face everytime this happens.


I had my 24th birthday this week which was nice. Rene was down and I went out for a meal with family and friends and jack managed to get the chef to make me a vegan meal. So that was nice. I got a lot of vegan chocolate for my birthday. And I ate over half a kilo of it in the 3days following. I managed to work it off and have continued losing weight though which is nice. Although the weight loss has slowed down a lot this month. I lost a stone last month, only 4lbs so far this month though. Which is because I’ve been eating more bread and cereal. I haven’t skipped off being vegan, but I definitely lost my way a bit with the ‘only nutritious food diet’ I need to get more disciplined again.


I had a meeting with my oncologist this week for the first time since surgery. He seemed very pleased with everything. He didn’t know about the 10q thing which was the gene that got me so depressed in the last blog so he didn’t have much to say about that. But he was really pleased with the resection and glad that we managed to get a place at London.

Other than that life isn’t particularly interesting at the moment. Most of the day im either researching cancer stuff such as nutrition/supplements and others which I’ll cover in another blog one day, watching tv to relax or in the gym. Today I did 3 hours on the treadmill because my weightloss has slipped a bit recently.

I read a great book that I thought I would include in this blog because I found it so helpful. It’s called radical remissions and is about following up on cancer patients and those that survived for reasons beyond western medicine and what these people have in common. If you have cancer I’d really recommend it as a read. Very full of positives knowing there is things out there you can do to help you live longer if not be completely cured. There is a lot of extremely brave people out there who turn down western medicine in order to follow a path they believe to be better. i know i couldnt do it. it obviously doesnt always work (e.g. steve jobs) but on other occasions people get a complete healing rather than have their lives slightly prolonged by treatments with awful side effects. I feel very fortunate to be in the position where no-one wants to give me chemo/radiation because of my age so i can try all the natural approaches first before it returns and i must begin western medicine. so i have the opportunity to try the natural way first without taking the risk of rejecting western medicine.


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