Not such easy sailing.

sorry about my absence from the blogging world for the past two months.  Stuff has been happening but I just never got round to writing it down and now I guess I’ve forgotten most of it. I’ve been keeping up the general plan of action but it hasn’t gone as smoothly as I’d have liked. I’ve had a few minor seizures and a lot of myoclonic jerks and headaches in the past few weeks and similar feelings in my left leg to what I had pre-surgery. Obviously I’ve found this both disappointing and quite worrying. But reading other blogs has made me aware that symptoms’ coming back doesn’t necessarily mean the tumour has come back, although sometimes it does. Anyway, I have a scan on Monday to see what’s going on inside my brain, hopefully it’s just changing shape again.

Also a fellow astrocytoma blogger made a post about studies showing that glutamine being the primary carbon source for astrocytoma growth. Glutamine is the primary amino acid in most foods containing protein. I was on the right track going vegan because obviously meat and dairy seem to have the highest glutamine contents. However there are plenty of vegan foods with high amounts of glutamine too. So I’ve had to make a few more changes to my diet. Speaking of diets, I think the steroid weight has finally come off. I’ve lost 47lbs since surgery and going vegan so I feel like me again.

On better news, since my last post I’ve left my comfort zone a few times and got out and about up and down the country on my own. I’ve been to visit rene in Swansea a few times and went to my old year groups graduation ball in Cardiff to say bye to everybody last week and went a on a short holiday to North Cornwall with some friends. Getting back to a normal way of life again (if only for short periods) has been great for my mood and confidence with adapting to my new way of life. which is important if i go back to university in September.

also, I’d like to thank my local church and everyone else involved who did a concert fundraiser for me and my family. A lot of money was raised in which we can use for travel and stuff J

anyway, I’ll get back on Tuesday for an update on that MRI scan.


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