Scan Results

the residual tumour mass is a large C shape occupying the superior, inferior and lateral borders of the cavity with most of the mass at the superior and inferior poles. no growth to be seen anywhere, slight shrinkage of the inferior mass even! no uptake of contrast on the gadolinium scans so there isn't an abnormal blood flow going to the tumour. the right lateral ventricle that was once squashed to non existence by the tumour is now larger than the left because the shrinkage of the cavity has pulled on it, so their is visual evidence of my brain changing shape which explains the symptoms when i get them. it was a long day travelling from swansea to london and back with rene. but i got to see matt in london and it was good results so it was a good day really. i had a bit of a seizure on wednesday night unfortunately and i took extra keppra to get through the night which has left me zonked today. but its all good. i can concentrate on uni and norway now :)


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