Symptoms, Galectin-1, Cannabis

So recently i've had some new symptoms. every now and then i have this feeling like i'm in a lift thats falling very fast. it only lasts  a second or two but it nearly knocks me over when it happens. also i've noticed my peripheral vision is completely blurred.

while i'm here there is a couple of recent research breaks in the past couple of months for those who have brain tumours and are interested. studies have shown galectin-1 a molecule that surrounds gliomas is what makes them able to hide from the bodies immune system. which is obviously a bad thing. but if they find a drug to target galectin-1 in the future, that would benefit us greatly.

also cannabis has been proven to have strong treatment effects on brain tumours! all the conspiracy theorists who have been saying cannabis treats cancer for years and that the pharmaceutical industry have been repressing it were right to some extent. it seems to do quite a good job. obviously its not being particularly repressed as they are doing trials with it now though.


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