Norway + Arctic Circle




Had the wrong lens, moving boat, moving lightsource, completely missed the photograph.

Dog Sledding

Northern Lights in Troms



For those who have been following since last october, you will know that i made a post about my bucket list. one of those items was to see the northern lights. The radiology department in abergavenny that I was working at raised a lot of money for me to do this. after a lot of research i decided the best way to see the northern lights was to go to northern norway in winter and decided upon catching a boat up the coast from Bergen and take in all the sights that coastal norway has to offer. My girlfriend and parents also wanted to come, so they bought tickets too. we boarded the MS Polarlys in Bergen which is basically a posh ferry that is used as an important transportation system of goods and people for coastal norway. we travelled from Bergen in the South to the Lofoten Islands in the Artic Circle in the first four days and the remainder of the week was spent in the arctic circle travelling over the northern cape of norway towards the russian border at Kirkenes.

We stopped at many towns along the way and took part in a few excursions such as sight seeing and dog sledding, and of course dog sledding. Also i got to see the northern lights many times in the arctic circle although my photography of those lights left a lot to be desired. it would have been impossible to demonstrate how spectacular the full dancing lights would be on a photograph anyway. It was a trip of a lifetime and we all loved it so i need to say a huge thankyou to everybody at nevill hall radiology department for getting me there :)

I've left a few of the highlights in photos for you to see. i'm quite well at the moment, no brain issues on holiday so all is well! we broke down on the way home and didnt get home till 5am, and renes bags went missing somewhere in norway. but other than that we had a fantastic time! hope you are all well. Ben


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