PTEN in Low Grade Gliomas

I came by this study by mistake, i certainly haven't been looking for more evidence of a shorter survival for me. it just appears every now and then when i'm online. i was actually studying mTOR pathways at the time. i should be studying for my clinical assessment this month but i've been having really bad headaches so i got drawn back into the whole cancer world again unfortunately. i wanted to be a statistical outlier but my genetics suggest that if i'm going to be an outlier then it would be at the wrong end of the graph.

''Correlation between molecular markers was determined using the mann-whitney U and spearman rank correlation tests. eight of the 26 patients with methylated PTEN died during the study as compared to the 1 of 19 without methylation. There was a trend towards statistical significance with PTEN methylated patients have decreased survival (P=0.128)''

basically PTEN suppresses the mTOR pathway which is responsible for growth etc. when you lose it (like me) mTOR is less suppressed causing more growth and quicker transformation into glioblastomas leading to a decreased survival. the natural way to reduce mTOR is a low protein diet. mine is already low protein but maybe i should lower it even more and live off fruit or something. maybe when it reoccurs i'll decide something more extreme like that. it feels like i'm climbing a very uphill battle sometimes.


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