Carmarthen, Coursework and Charity

hello all, time for a new blog I think. I've only got two months left of what will be five years at cardiff university, which is extremely sad because i love it here. I've had some coursework deadlines and the last of my clinical placements in the past two months. Not sure how the the coursework went as we won't be getting results for a little while yet but my last clinical block was great. The staff and my clinical lecturer were awesome and got me to where i needed to be in time for my clinical assessments in which i got firsts. So things have been going surprisingly well so far considering how worried i was about returning to uni. The only downside to Carmarthen was the hospital accommodation which was a bit grim, but my coursemate made it easily survivable and i spent most weekends in swansea with Rene and her family so time went by really fast. As for future work I've got my research dissertation deadline and exams coming up in May.

I've always enjoyed giving money to charity but since last year getting money from Nevill Hall to go on an amazing holiday to see the northern lights i've been especially vigilant with it as i like 'paying it forward', I love opportunities to give but recently I've been getting back tenfold what i give. because, this time Carmarthen gave me another huge sum of money to go on another trip of a lifetime. Would you believe it? The generosity of people who don't know me that well can be quite amazing. I have no idea how i can thank them properly, it's not a big department to be taking such big amounts of money from their own pockets. Weird how my misfortunes have opened up opportunities for me to do things i wouldn't have been ale to do otherwise due to the kindness of others. Its hard to show how grateful i really am. This money is supposed to a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu which is awesome. I need to get into training to be able to climb it and hope my brain handles the altitude. This trip is a bit beyond Rene's comfort zone so i'll be recruiting somebody else.

My life is actually pretty great isn't it. Ticking my bucked list off faster than i expected because i'm also going to venice after my exams for my cousins wedding. so may and june will be ticking off venice and ticking off graduating hopefully! I'm reaching a quarter-century next month which is some pretty good going. it also means 18 months since diagnosis which means another scan in london unfortunately. Its just a couple weeks before my exams which means a lot of distraction from my finals and a lot of stress. its really hard to focus on anything but the scan as its coming up, i feel like after a scan you get four or so months of stress free living followed by 2 months of building anxiety, evidenced this time by a panic attack two weeks ago, which wasn't about the scan but shows the stress is building up already. Feeling pretty good at the moment, ready for the last haul at uni. i also need to find a job sometime soon as most of my classmates seem to have got one lined up for graduation already.

A lot seems to be happening in the brain tumour world at the moment, with a documentary that came  out about a private company offering individual genetic testing to combine the correct cocktails of drugs to get the best results and building up a data bank of tumour types and drug combos which is fairly exciting. Also a study showing that a tetanus vaccination combined with immunotherapy had some pretty great results. None of it in the UK though. perhaps if it came back soon i'd be sorely tempted to leave the UK to get some immunotherapy. it seems very promising. Well done if you made it this far! till next time :)


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