Scan Delay

Hey guys, I was supposed to have a scan on the 21st but the MRI department had a power cut so it didn't happen. we got off the train at bristol and are aiming to rearrange the scan for after exams. I've also got a job interview after exams too. so busy times ahead. everything is going okay, i built myself up for the stress of a scan and to not have it was extremely disappointing because i've got to do that all over again now.

I had my 25th birthday since my last post, which was nice! a study came out recently linking glioma growth to brain usage, which worried me a bit as i am currently writing my dissertation and studying for exams. i suppose with the location that my tumour is in it would be physical activity that pumps blood to my tumour. anyway, using your brain killing you faster is a depressing thought for sure.

Hope you are all well :)

Go Karting:)


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