Transitioning + Scan Results

So it's been a while due to university finals and my dissertation etc. But i can finally say, i passed all my exams and got a 2:1 degree and will soon have a licence to practice as radiographer. I managed to get the job i wanted in royal glamorgan hospital and i am in the process of renting an apartment in a converted chapel in llantrisant. there is lots of paperwork and stuff to go through for both the job and the apartment so i'm not sure when i'll start work yet.

I had a scan in cornwall this month, and the results suggested changes in the white matter of the brain but not tumour growth. the scans have been sent up to specialists in London to have a look at and maybe establish a better idea of what is going on. I've been really stressed lately because of exams and life in general really and symptoms have been very present frequently.

I went on holiday recently to northern italy for a family wedding which was really nice and i got to strike off visiting venice from my bucket list too, so i'll put a couple of pictures in to finish this blog. anyway, i hope this blog finds you all well. Heres to a new start in a new place. i'll miss university a lot, but as 7 years as a student its probably about time i became an adult.


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