Personality Issues

Sorry its been such a long time since my last post. with starting work and everything else i haven't had much time and not a lot to talk about. I've been enjoying work quite a lot and everyone who works there is great but it's come with a lot of added stress to my life. and i've been upsetting people more often than i used to. i say things now without thinking them through first and have lost a lot of the social skills i used to have. things don't come easy any more and i'm quite paranoid and insecure about my ability to interact with people normally now. people, who've known me for a long time and knew me before the tumour can understand a bit more because they know i didnt used to be like this, but for all the new people i meet at work, this is the only me they know and its quite worrying.

i don't really like myself any more. i just hope it doesnt get any worse and its just a phase caused by all the changes and stress in my life. i'm paranoid because last time i had a big personality change it was because i had a massive tumour growing in my head, i know this is a common side effect of both the tumour and the drugs i'm on though. anyway, first pay check tomorrow :) i'm enjoying my life, so thats what should matter at the moment.

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