So i travelled to London on a day off from work today to see my neuro-oncologist and have my scan with my mum and matt. The 10% of the original tumour that was left in next to my corpus callosum has been active and growing again for the past year apparently, not such good news i'm afraid.

on left: 26/01/2016 scan               on right: scan from beginning of 2015

scan with tumours highlighted, because lets be honest the scar tissue from surgery looks so similar

Scan from pre surgery for a bit of perspective.

The post contrast scan wasn't enhanced so its likely still a grade 2, which is nice considering the genetics, and, its not a surprise its back already and to be honest i'm just glad its not a higher grade Although of course, I'm very disappointed and frightened that it has started growing again. Anyway, he said the three choices we have are 1. watch and wait (recommended as i dont have bad symptoms currently, 2. have surgery again (invasive and risky) or 3. have radiotherapy (side effects, probably not effective).

As im happy with life as it as atm (minus the obvious health issues) i think i will be waiting on the next scan and kicking myself for letting my own protocols slip since i started work. its so hard to be on a low calorie/ nutrient dense diet when you have IBS and work a demanding job. and following the supplement protocol i laid out was too expensive and frankly nauseating. although i must try harder on all fronts if i dont want it to keep growing at this rate. or at least know i've tried my best.


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