3 month post op Update

General Update 
okay folks, need for an update as the last post i was about to go back in for more procedures for my hydrocephalus. that didn't happen. we didn't get a phone call calling us in. and eventually i just got better. Ive been better for about 3 weeks now. so no more hydrocephalus. still have some issues but nothing in comparison to what i had. i even went back to wales for a week to see friends and make sure my house was okay (it was). i had a good time but i got tired looking after myself. fell over a couple times and after a week i wanted to come home again. but it was a nice experiment and i feel better now i can do a decent job of self care and getting about.

2nd Opinion
so as you know the MDT in London decided they'd like me to have radiotherapy soon for my tumour. i went for a 2nd opinion with my original team in Cornwall, they disagreed and said the side effects outweighed the benefits of having treatment on my tumour at this time. this was my gut feeling at the time anyway. going for a scan next week before heading back to my London team to discuss it further.

Pre-OP scan Results

now thats the good news out of the way here's my pre-op MRI, this is the only slice i was able to obtain of it. as usual of put the slice next to the previous slices so the untrained eye can see the differences easily. as you can appreciate, it got more aggressive in the last 6 months. This is the main reason it took so long to update this blog, i saw the scan slice and new it was bigger and new i do this comparison for my blog and wasn't really ready to do it. i know its mostly gone now. but the growth rate only increases not slow. so looking at that mass in my brain terrifies me a bit.
12 month - 6 month - Pre Op
Post Op CT
as i havent had a post op MRI yet this slice is all i have to show you really. you cant see tumour on a ct so all your looking at is the water and air in the cavity (and the staples above my skull).

I've felt well and truly back in the brain tumour world recently. i guess i went three years sort of out of it and not thinking about it much. whereas when i was diagnosed i was always researching it and talking to other people who had them and reading every blog i could find etc. i feel like im back in that world again now with far more contact with different areas of alternative health ideas and more contact with fellow brain tumour sufferers. it makes you all a bit numb.

next week i'll be in London as i have a couple of appointments on a couple different days, so im just going to stay up there..one of the appointments i believe is a return to work type assessment with psychologists, physios and occupational therapists and its a couple hours long so that should be interesting.


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