Brain & Heart Scans

Brain: i had a functional brain MRI last week. This was in London, and it comprised of an hour in the MRI scanner doing various movement tests and other cognitive tests such as word association. the idea being when i move my hand, blood will rush to the area of the brain controlling this and the scanner can identify its location in relation to the tumour. relatively simple test to do. shame about the 10 hour journey and nausea. I'm in a clinical trial now looking at the benefits of intra operative MRI.. i get the results in the clinic on the 9th of Jan.

Heart: i had an adenosine ecg this wednesday. worst experience of my life. they told me it would feel like a heart attack and would cause a lot of panic but that it wouldn't last long., and i suppose it did. really quite painful crushing feeling in the chest. pains down all my limbs, struggling to breath. unfortunately it took three attempts to stop my heart and get a diagnostic scan in which they had to triple the dose of the adenosine, fortunately the horrible feeling doesn't last long.. i felt pretty wrecked afterwards. i'm now wearing a holter monitor, monitoring my heart for a few days. unfortunately it has run out of batteries after 24 im taking it back tomorrow.

CRP blood test: this test measures proteins in the blood relating to inflammation in the body and are a good indicator of heart disease/attack risk. now i got a score of 6, where above 1 is considered high. now they said its probably due to the cancer but its a bit worrying nevertheless.

Have a Happy Christmas all :) 


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