Post discharge thoughts

September 23/2013

Was discharged from the hospital after the Cardiff MDT meeting agreed upon the glioma being probably of low grade. Huge news that made everyone feel instantly better. Told to continue with drugs and return to Cardiff in 3 weeks for an appointment with a neurosurgeon. Very happy day for the family considering low grade gliomas are the in the minority compared to the much more aggressive high grade blastoma variety. My family and closest friends I have told and they have all been fantastic. News got out through church circles and I’ve had lots of prayer and positive thoughts my way. I just hope mentally I stay stable.

October 2013

Physically feeling a lot worse, balance, coordination, eyesight all getting poorer. Legs feel pretty gimpy. Having all sorts of gastric problems. Haven’t had a normal bowel movement since starting all the drugs. Lots of hot flushes and heart palpatations also. Also some severe joint and rib pains occasionally that will take my breath away. Assuming all of it being side effects of the all the new drugs. But any meeting with neuro-people is a long way away. Guess I just continue chugging all the pills and hope for the best. Glad I’m at home under the circumstances I am deeply missing being at university.

visiting friends
Some Visiting Friends :)


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